About us.
What makes us different. Why we inspire.

With more than 70 employees at two locations, essendi it stands for products and solutions that inspire. Our success is based on professional expertise – and on the values we have defined for ourselves. They make us constantly aware of what drives us and how we want to live. These values are simply part of our DNA.

Our values

The topic of values is of utmost importance to us, because we are convinced that values provide support and orientation and form the basis for open communication and trust-based collaboration- both internally and externally. Find out more about our essendi company values here.


Our facets

A good team is more than the sum of its professional competences. Like a mosaic, it is made up of the different skills that individuals bring to the table. Successful teamwork requires skills such as composure, the ability to listen actively, the will to communicate openly and to appreciate each other. This is the basis of essendi’s culture. Discover the diverse and colourful facets of our world.

Schweizer Flagge vor blauem Himmel und schneebedeckten Bergen

Why Uri?

Our parent company is based in Germany, but we have customers all over Europe. Founding a subsidiary outside Germany therefore was a logical step. For the choice of location, it was important for us to find ourselves in the same language and to have a jumping-off point into the foreign-speaking Europe. Uri is the ideal starting point for this because of its key location in Switzerland. Destinations within Switzerland are easily accessible. The new Uri cantonal railway station in Altdorf provides fast connections to southern Switzerland and Italy. People here are also prepared to go new ways, to be innovative and creative in order to make a difference. These are optimal conditions for putting down roots and growing together. And of course we also consciously chose the beautiful nature and the mountains of Uri.


"We secure digital communication" As security specialists, we set high standards to ourselves, because our products and services are designed to protect our customers' IT systems and data. Many of them come from the banking environment or are KRITIS companies. They therefore have increased requirements for IT security and also complex infrastructures.

Strong Partners


We know what our customers expect from an innovative and powerful software solution, as evidenced by reference projects from a wide range of industries and application areas and a small excerpt from our customer list. In Switzerland, we currently mainly serve banks and cantons. For specific Swiss references, please contact us.
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